Call for Papers

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is delighted to announce that we will incorporate a Sunday Morning Papers session at CSICon Las Vegas.

The Sunday Morning Papers session will recognize new voices and new ideas and showcase them in the spotlight of the CSICon stage. If you have had success in communicating scientific skepticism, teaching critical thinking, combating pseudoscience, or furthering the mission of CSI in some new and significant way, we want to hear from you!

Anyone may submit a request to present a paper. If your proposal is accepted you will be allotted 10 to 15 minutes for your presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions and comments from the audience. Invitations to present will be given to approximately six proposals. If your proposal is selected for further consideration, a written article and draft of your presentation slides will be required for final consideration. Please see the process of selection schedule below for further details.

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted to

In your message, include the following: Name of Speaker, Position/Affiliation, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website

Please attach a maximum two-page document with the following information:

Presentation Title

Abstract: Provide a concise summary of your proposed presentation in at least 100 words. Outlines may be included. A description of how the topic is relevant to the CSI mission is mandatory.

AV requirements: A digital projector will be made available for presentations that utilize PowerPoint and other computer based presentation applications. Please list any other equipment or supplies you might require.

Publications/References: Please list any relevant references and/or any of your own publications related to this presentation. Include a link to your web page if appropriate.

Relevant topics for papers include (but are not limited to):

Analysis of questionable claims, rational examination of claimed paranormal phenomena, ideas in critical thinking education, psychology of belief, or any of the usual topics of interest explored in Skeptical Inquirermagazine or that support the mission of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

Selection process schedule

If your proposal makes it through the initial selection, we will request from you a written paper and a draft of your PowerPoint slides (if any). The submitted paper should be at the level of a magazine article (like that of Skeptical Inquirer magazine) or a journal article appropriate for your professional discipline.

Note: All invited Sunday Paper presenters are responsible to pay for their own attendance including registration. CSI greatly appreciates your volunteer participation, but unfortunately cannot fund any part of your travel, lodging, or conference registration.